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Powder Coating

Powder coating is extremely durable and tougher than regular paint; it is durable against chipping, peeling or fading.

We also provide a protective coating that ensures all newly abrasive blasted surfaces are durable, while maintaining incredible shine when used in typical situations that are subjected to general wear and tear.

Plastic & Wet Spray

Plastic Painting is a finishing technology where a specialised wet paint is applied to plastic products and mouldings and air dried. Wet spraying is also an option for large components or metal or wooden objects which are not able to be powdercoated or require a specific colour that is not available as a powder.  

We also spray a heat paint to resist temperatures up to 640 degrees.

Baked Enamel

Baked Enamel is a finishing technology where a specialised wet paint is applied to a wide range of metal products and is then heated in an oven giving a highly durable, smooth finish.

Baked Enamel is an old process that is used most commonly for car and motor bike components.



Specialists in POWDERCOATING and BAKED ENAMEL techniques where powder or specialised paint are applied to a wide range of products & heated in an oven giving a highly protective durable smooth finish. We also do PLASTIC PAINTING of specialised plastic mouldings or WET SPRAY PAINTING of components that cannot have a heated process applied.


At Industrial Painters we have a level of professionalism and quality that sets us aside from others, this coupled with our ability to Spray paint and Powdercoat all under the one roof allows us to maintain the same high level of workmanship at every stage of production.


Our staff have many years experience in powder coating and spray painting and are able to give sound, expert advice and we take pride in being able to offer high levels of quality and speedy customer service.


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For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please phone: 03 366-3821, email: info@industrialpainters.co.nz or alternatively fill out the following form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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